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Unless otherwise credited, quoted passages in the Notes section are excerpts from the 2003 edition of the Astro City Visitor's Guide.

Neighborhoods Notes Creator Salute
"The longtime home to much of Astro City’s African-American community, Bakerville is emerging from a troubled era, as Mulberry Street, the central artery, gets a facelift, and the recently-completed renovation of the New Carthage Theatre brings a thrilling return to Bakerville’s 1930s-1950s elegance, when it was home to the hottest nightspots in the city. Bakerville also claims Centennial Park on the Wildenberg River, home to the annual Astro City Jazz Festival." Matt Baker, one of the earliest African-American comic book creators

Biro Island
An island on the Gaines River that houses the Biro Island Correctional Facility. Charles Biro, one of the pioneers of crime comics

'Derisively nicknamed “The Sweatshop” by residents, Chesler has seen generations of low-income families pass through the small textile houses and warehouses that dot the neighborhood, or trek across the Outcault Bridge to work at the Goodman-Donenfeld factories, from Irish to Polish to Hispanic families depending on the decade. Dismissed by many as “the city’s eyesore,” Chesler’s neighborhood bars and riverside eateries offer a distinctive atmosphere for the adventurous visitor.' Harry Chesler, founder of the "Chesler shop," America's first comics "packager."

City Center
The heart of the city. Home to gleaming, modern skyscrapers that most people think of when they think of Astro City. It started as a Dutch neighborhood,this is the area that was most heavily rebuilt after the war. It is now home to Binderbeck Plaza, the city’s shopping and dining mecca, as well as Dedication Park and Museum Row. Also home to the Sprang Museum of Popular Advertising and more.

One of the Northside Communities that house many of the young white-collar workers and elderly retired citizens of the city. Also the location of an ambitious lower-income housing project, called Derbryville that has seen prouder days. Most likely a wink to the Charlton Comics printing and publications buildings in the real life city of Derby, Connecticut.

District Hill
Sitting south of Old Town, wedged snugly between the Gleason Bridge and Bakerville, sits District Hill, home to City Hall and much of the city’s civic structures.

Elias Square
Possibly part of the same area as Elias Street, or a misprint in a newspaper article. But mentioned as a neighborhood. Lee Elias

Fass Gardens
Like Derbyfield, Fass Gardens is a bedroom community with demographics that support two distinct generations of Astro City citizens. This encourages small time businesses that offer a cornucopia of funky shopping, dining and clubbing choices. Artist and publisher Myron Fass

The group name for Kanewood, Gibson Hills and Patterson Heights which rise above City Center on the southern shoulders of Mount Kirby. Home to Astro City’s wealthy, rich and super-rich, respectively, the Foothills communities offer spectacular architecture (including Patterson Mansion) and even more spectacular views. The Romeyn Falls Historical Center and the falls themselves can be found just north of Gibson Hills, tucked between Mount Kirby and the Wildenberg River.

Fujitani Bay
The Chinese and Oriental section of Astro City. Golden Age comic book artist Bob Fujitani.

An area of urban redevelopment near Chesler. The Visitors Guide has it located across the river to the east of the city, but Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #11 suggests otherwise. Max Gaines and Bill Gaines highly influential comic book publishers.

Gibson Hills
A wealthy neighborhood as part of the Foothills. The Shadow creator Walter Gibson.

Goldwater Heights
A white picket community suburb located west of the Wildenberg River. Creator of Archie Comics and a proponent of the Comic Book Code John Goldwater. Wholesome family comics for idyllic suburb community.

Crossing the Gaines River, we hit Astro City’s largest area of suburban sprawl, where the white-picket-fence set sleeps, commutes, works and shops. There are enchanting enclaves here as well. Al Hartley worked at several comic book companies, including Atlas and Archie.

Iger Square
More of an actual neighborhood, compared to the others that are more akin to suburbs and districts. See also Iger Square Golden Age artist Jerry Iger.

One of the more wealthy neighborhoods along the Foothills area of communities. Unknown for sure but likely the Kane part refers to Batman co-creator Bob Kane and the wood part not referring to anything, in part to the Moldoff reference on the inside of issue #19.

Kiefer Square
A neighborhood in Chesler that is home to Steeljack and many small level blue collar villains. Pulp and Golden Age artist Henry Kiefer.

Northside Communities

Old Town
South of City Center, Old Town reflects the character and traditions of Old Romeyn Falls, having been spared the devastation that transformed the city in the late Forties. Here, you’ll find the sprawling Grandenetti Cathedral, as well as Iger Square, where blue-collar families live cheek-by-jowl with gentrifying young movers and shakers and Astro City’s bohemian arts community.

Patterson Heights
The home to the wealthiest of the wealthiest in Astro City. A part of the Foothills area. Animator Ray Patterson, who worked on Dumbo and Fantasia and who later founded Grantray Studios which produced the Marvel cartoons of the 1960s? The area was first mentioned in Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #13 the issue that featured Loony Leo, a cartoon come to life...

Rensie Avenue Area
The street is considered its own little area similar to Iger Square. See also Rensie Avenue. Rensie, is a pseudonym used by the Spirit creator Will Eisner.

Shadow Hill

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"Settled in the 1800s by Eastern European immigrants, Shadow Hill is one of Astro City's many ethnic neighborhoods. Tinged with a darker reputation; it is home to the night creatures and other occult spirits that tend to discourage outside visitors.

"Which is a bit of a shame, because Shadow Hill is heaven for any visitor who likes charming (or cluttered!) curiosity shops, spicy pirogues or fresh, flavorful itafses just out of the oven. Night falls early here, though, and Shadow Hill's mystic and mysterious reputation keeps most non-residents away after dusk. Brave souls venture up at dawn, to catch the Hanged Man (the Hill's eldritch guardian) wrapping up his nightly rounds."

South Kanewood
An area apparently differentiated from Kanewood. See above link.

Torres Island
An island on the Gaines River. EC and Mad Magazine artist Angelo Torres